pfg/roma - what's the deal?

I’ve been working on opening a place for a few weeks now. I’ve wanted to use Roma for a long time, so I thought I’d give PFG a try. What is the deal with these guys? PFG is destroying what use to be a great company. I’ve been trying for 2 weeks to get samples from our sales rep and still haven’t gotten anything. I’ve also been talking about using the Fontanini pepperoni the whole time. We were trying to place our order and they tell me they can’t get it for a month or so. They also said they didn’t have the cheese I asked for, which was on our order guide. I told them I wasn’t paying for Grande if that were the case because they never said a thing about it being a problem to use the 50/50 blend.

Also, the Roma guy is telling me that block+ is a thing of the past and that it isn’t used anymore. He said he’d sell me the cheese at his cost plus 5%. Well last week the block was at $1.27/lb. They are wanting to sell me cheese at $1.85/lb. Now before when I spoke to Roma, they were paying roughly 10-15% above block for cheese and I was going to pay another 10% or so above that. At $1.85, we are paying 46% above the market price. The Roma guy was bragging about being the largest cheese buyer in the country, so I think they are lying about something. I find it hard to believe that they are paying 30-40% above block if they are the largest buyer like they say. I told them they need to be able to let me audit them sometimes to verify I’m truly paying 5% over, but they seem uneasy about doing that.

Also, our sales rep is a major disappointment. The guy hasn’t gotten us a single sample. He told us last night he had to go to bed instead of helping us with our opening order. He said he doesn’t have time to help us put together an opening order. He also has no clue about any product you ask him about. I also can’t open my place with my actual product because he hasn’t done anything to get us what we need. I really don’t know how long I will continue with these guys. I’ve been nothing but disappointed.

Had the same problems. This is why Restaurant Depot has become so popular, no B.S. My PFG guy screwed me on my first opening order. He sent me bowls w/o covers on our Grand Opening! He also messed up other things. His response was tht these things happen at first and tried to blame me. PFG was also over charging $109.00 for a case of XTRA Virgn
when the price should have been $68.00. Sysco, the same crap. Sysco is the largest cheese imp. and they have great products but tend to be high on price but getting better. I just hate getting subs w/o being told, like on a friday getting a delivery of part-skim cheese when I use a 50-50. Roma was good at 1 time before they merged with PFG who is owned by a Japenese factor who knows nothing about running food biz.

I’ve used ROMA - Vistar since we opened. There were a few quirks in the beginning, but the sales rep & driver are the best. While I’m sure I could save some pennies here and there, having developed a great relationship with ROMA was a great move. Our order is always right and on time. And if I were to ‘forget’ something, they’d go the extra to get it for me.

Bodegahwy mentioned a while back about distributor relationships. Specifically how its in both parties interest to build a successful business. A great sales rep can really help the ops side of your business.

You may just have a crappy sales rep. How long has he run his area? Don’t forget that they tend to grade businesses.

For me, ROMA, my rep, driver, and fin rep are top notch. NET-30 is a great thing.