Pharm Reps, Real Estate Agents & Graduation


I am going to be asking a lot of questions about his industry, so I want to also share the knowledge I have harvested over the years. Pretty darn good in building sales, mapping customer journey and knowing what mediums to best meet your needs. There is no such thing a 1-medium of advertising fits all. The key word is ROI…and if you or that annoying sales rep can’t calculate it…then DO NOT DO IT.

Looking to build sales, Phar Reps, Real Estate Agents and Graduation Parties are excellent way to built big checks with “bulk orders”. Average Phar Rep spends $8K-$10K per month on food…to get into the Dr’s offices to peddle their “legal” drugs. Tap into these 3-areas and you will see a far better ROI than any coupon, radio, local paper…by FAR…