Philly Cheesesteak Meat and Meatballs

I’ve added several items to my new menu coming out next month. I’m including pizza/sandwich items that use Philly Cheesesteak meat and Meatballs (not together). Right now, my best options from vendors are a precooked Philly Cheesteak meat for about $5.00/lb and meatballs at $2.30/lb.

Has anyone found any more cost effective options? We only have our conveyor oven as a heat source, so our options are limited, although I’m not opposed to using down time in mid afternoon for making from scratch.

Advance makes (and contracts to many distributor labels) a cheesesteak puck that you may like. It is a raw product that comes frozen, and is designed to be grilled/pan fried from frozen and fall apart conveniently when cooking. That said, I use it thawed in several applications. We have a cheeseteak pizza that features it, plus a couple meat-monsters using it as well. I am paying around $3.60/lb raw . . . 48 case of 4 oz portions. Comes in several portion sizes. May be a solution you could use . . . meat on top so it cooks through.

When I first tried them years ago, I contacted Advance, and they sent me some samples . . . your distributor should be able to give you some. Real sirloin beef. … CTS,STKEZE

Meatballs could be a little tougher except that you can bake home-made ones off in your oven a little cheaper than the frozen. There are spectacular frozen ones out there these days, and they are just sooooo convenient.

Fontanini makes an Italian Roast beef that is fully cooked top round. I use it for all my beef sandwiches.

They also make what in my opinion are the best meatballs available