Philly cheesesteak

How many of you sell an actual philly cheesesteak? What exactly makes it different?

I use the frozen steak pattys. put them on the grill and chop/shred while cooking add onions mushrooms and green peppers and melt american on the top and bottom…toast the bread…very good and customers love it

You shouldn’t look for what makes a cheesesteak different, but what makes it authentic. Amoroso rolls are what makes a real philly. They are available frozen and if thawed properly are very close to as good as fresh. Check them out if you want to sell an authentic cheesesteak.

Gotta piggy-back on the frozen Amoroso rolls. We held off changing food vendors 3 years a go waiting to assure they carried these rolls. When thawed and handled correctly, they have a quality and flavor of being baked that morning. It is REALLY noticeable when we get subbed a different product when USFoods runs out. Some of our die hard customers can tell when we get substitute rolls.


Is it like a sub roll? Do you have to bake them? What is the cost?


What I buy is a completely baked, hinge-sliced 12" (4.5 oz) hoagie roll. They come packed ten 6-bags to a box. They come in different sizes . . . I believe that 8" is a common other size. You open the bag and thaw at room temperature for best results. We have actually thawed very successfully in microwave in a pinch . . . 1 or 2 at a time.

My cost is about 30 cents each right now. I could get that lower, but it is a great roll, and my foodservice guys don’t have lots of 12" options anyway. My customers are willing to pay for the added cost, so I use it.

“Best quality ingredients we can afford”

Hello knight,We just won Best of Philly w/ our Chse.Stks.and Hoagies.We slice down our own Rib eye and serve on an Italian loaf that was designed by my baker.It is a semolina loaf that everyone is crazy about.Amoroso is definitely not a used roll here in Phila.that is just a thing that they put in peoples heads around the states.There are so many bakeries here that produce the best bread around.I would find a local baker and see if he or she can produce a nice loaf for you,it will cost a bit more but will come back to you 10 fold.