Phone Apps for taking orders

Have you explored creating a mobile app for taking orders? If so, has it been worth it? If not, what’s stopped you from creating an app?

For me, The cost of paying a developer, It was above $5K when I looked into.
I think the easiest way would be to have a website able to do online ordering, and getting people to save that page on their home screen on their phones.

Are you aware of Brygid Technologies? They have a white label app for pizza operators that will take orders.
Do you have an existing POS system?

Point of Success & Big Holler…easy online work around…

Prism by microworks online ordering works just fine on the phone.

Hi Bodegahwy, still happy with the Prism system. Currently talking with Prism and Speedline. Sorry for the high jack. Prism has a App that can be made for under $700. Apps are becoming very important as it makes people even lazier lol

If customers have to install an app to order online, that might not be so good. People already have too many apps on their phone and they are sick of it. If anything is done with a customer, they should be able to do it through their phone’s browser, aka a web application or web page, not a native one that has to be downloaded and installed. If they even care enough, they can bookmark it or add it to their homescreen as it’s very easy to do in the browser.

So I would never spend money on a custom native phone app for my business that requires a downloads and installs. It’s too easy to do it as a web page and it’s much more flexible in terms of changes as well. If it’s a web application, you can change it anytime and everybody will see it immediately just like people change any website. But if it is a downloaded and installed native app, then they have to do upgrades or re installs if you want to change something, and you’re never sure that everybody did these and that everybody sees the same thing. Some some will be looking at version 1 until they update, while others will be looking at version 2

PizzaSoft is correct. Customers can add a shortcut of a well designed, responsive website to their mobile desktop. The end result is your logo will be there on their phone looking and acting very much like a custom app. The first time a customer visits one of our restaurant sites, the user is prompted to do just that.

Cost is $49 per month for the website and ordering system, 0% commissions.