Phone Issues

I was hoping someone could shed some light on a few issues we been having.
I recently switched my business phone system and added more lines.

Since the switch, intermittently when a caller calls the store I answer the phone but it doesnt connect right away. I have to say VintagePizza!! Like 3 times before I get the HELLO?? From the caller-very irritating.

Another issue thats been plaguing us since the switch is we keep getting orders placed with us but they’re actually trying to order from VintagePizza in NY or GA.

Any help would be appreciated

Switched your phone system as in how ?

As for the annoying delay, we have that here. It is a problem with wireless to comcrap connection that they refuse to fix and blame on the “other” party.

As for your last issue, make people smarter ?

Went from 2 line VOIP to 4 line analog from Comcast.

I don’t have an answer but I’m just curious why you switched from VOIP back to analog

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Its going to sound stupid, bc looking back I feel like I made the wrong choice with these new issues ive been having but here goes.

My internet connection was spotty, I was worried that soo many things that can ruin my sales depended on my lousy internet. I wanted some old school reliability.

I originally asked my VOIP provider how to upgrade to 4 phone lines. I kept calling but I couldn’t understand the reps as the accents were so thick I gave up trying to inquire about it
Comcast offered me better internet speed and a good price on 4 lines

Well i can’t speak for comcast in your area, but in mine. The phone is not analog. It is VOIP. But from what your saying, my guess is the copper between you and your box or CO is bad. This would require a tech to test and comcast to actually fix something.

This is why they push the VOIP over analog. They do not want to fix/upgrade the equipment that was long ago paid for.

I have that same annoying delay. I answer “Thanks for calling Off Main Pizzeria” and they hear “…zeria”
You almost have to hit the button, make sure it turns solid (rather than flashing) and THEN wait 3 seconds to answer. To a certain degree… once you know the deal, not such a big deal but still a PITA.
When I was in Milford, NH (Domino’s) I would at least 10 orders/week for Milford CT, OH, MI and a few others.
Let me clarify that… people would come into the store after having placed their order (usually on-line but not always) and they CALLED or placed the order on-line CT, OH, MI, etc.
Oddly enough- I never got burned- meaning it was only that scenario, never that they would order in NH and walk into a store in CT, OH, MI, etc. Found that weird. I required pre-payment for OLO over $7 and we always answered the phone with the two towns we served “Thanks for calling Domino’s Pizza of Milford & Amherst” so maybe that helped but still odd.
People are stupid. Period.
More often than not, it was mom or dad who had their 9 year-old kid (not exaggerating) place the order either on-line (because what 9 year old doesn’t need a smart phone?) or call. For those that called I would always say “Well, the area code should have been a trigger” The reply I usually got was “Oh, I don’t know from area codes…
not even sure what this one is” Ummm… ok.
Re the GA or NY issue- only way to resolve that (on your end) would be a call catcher w/ a recording/greeting that
specifies NH. I had catchers in all my stores over the years.
As an aside… and then I’ll shut up… My home number in NH was one digit off from the Papa Johns store a few towns away. It was a new house I built, new number, etc. First few weeks… kept getting calls. “No, this isn’t PJ, they are XXX-XXXX” After a while, it got annoying but, because of my schedule (same as theirs, really!) it was never that big a deal.
I walk in w/ a friend one night after work and the phone rings. I go through my “No, this isn’t…” Guy starts to argue w/ me. Fine. “What can I get for you?” Take the entire order, upsell a 2L and then ask if he’d like a free order of Papa Stix (no such thing, as far as I knew). “Sure, thanks!”
“OK… be about 40 minutes… please turn your outside light on” I thought the “outside light” thing was a nice touch.

Too bad they weren’t closer…just make the order at your shop and deliver it!

Call catchers, were these something you bought once and were able to record messages, or were they a monthly fee item? What brand/type?