Phone Listing

How does your phone number get listed with 411, and all the cell phone infrormation services? I thought the phone companies had to submit it. I get atleast 2 people a week telling me that I am not listed in information and I should do something about it. I am in the newest phone book and on

I encourage you to call your phone carrier and niform them. It is the phone company that would handle all those parts, and they can fix it . . . if they are willing. Give 'em a call and see if you can negotiate the solution. Could be really simple, or you might have to work a little at it.

I have switched frmo the monopoly phone company in our area, becasue the did not list my number anywhere during the first year of my business (yellow pages book, white pages, 411 information, online . . . nothing). Their response was that it was a free service and they weren’t giving me any discount. No apology or explanation . . . just proclaiming no refuinds.

I switched to a reseller, and have never looked back with the 30% drop in costs, all phone function options included, and much better customer service these last 20 months.

If you have a name that can be spelled different ways it can cause a problem with 411. For example Pizzera often is mis-spelled pizzAria. This will be missed when 411 does a search. Daddio’s is another one that caused my trouble Daddyos Daddy-o’s Daddyo’s you see where I am going here.

I worked for the phone company here in Alberta for years and the standard is to have a new listing in the 411 system within 60 days of the activation. How ever this only gets it to the NEW LISTING area and to be in the standard listing can take up to 6 months.

I think I’ve read before you’re in WI? So am I, and have had the same problem. I am listed on 411 for AT&T from a home phone, but if somebody calls from their cell phone, they evidentally get a different “411”, which I am not listed under. Tried to fix it without any luck, but haven’t had anybody tell me about “not being listed” lately. Very frustrating when it was happening.

I might be able to offer specific help here. Like Batman, I have dual personalities. By night & weekend, I’m Pizza City, by day, I’m a telecommunications consultant and have been for over 20 years. If you’d like to send me a PM with your store name, phone number, and your phone company, I’ll see if I can fix your problem.