Phone monitoring

Do any of you monitor your phones? I would like to use the conversations to train but to also use if we have any issues with what people ordered. I had a customer insist the didnt order what they got and an employee thats says the put in the order right. Of couse the customer got a replacement pizza but it sure would be nice to find out who was wrong. Where would a guy find the equipment to do this?

How many times does this happen that you feel like you need to buy equipment to determine who is at fault ?

I think it’d be easier just to make a note on the customers record. If they consistently pull this kind of crap then you can confront them with your information.

All customers can have their moments but we still want them to be our customers. You just have to remember that it’s no longer “The customer is always right”. It’s now “The customer is #1”(even when they’re wrong).

I am not to worried about the mistakes I just started thinking I could also use it for when that happens I want it more for the training part and also I think it would make my staff more aware of their phone manners.

The first question you need to answer is what kind of phone system do you have? If you are using a system then you need a compatible recording system. Call me and I will discuss it with you.

I understand that there is voice recognition software out there than can dictate a phone conversation, in addition to recording it. This is usefull also for verifying that the employee is ringing up all the items. It is also usefull to ensure that the order is being entered at all. Any high ratio of calls vs non-orders should be a red-flag for theft.