Phone problems

My phone bill is crazy, I have a plan (verizon) that includes what I need and every month the phone company charges me extra stuff that I did not use or just adds stuff that should not be on the bill. I call them we look at the bill and they fix the problems and say they don’t know how it got on the bill. Every month the same thing. Does anyone know of a phone company that does their job, charges little and isn’t trying to rip you off? I cannot get high speed internet so I don’t think that is an option for a phone line.

What state are you in?

I am in Virginia

there must be a few local companies to deal with.

In my market, Verizon owns the lines. I Get a bill from another company who i call whenever i have problems. Verizon comes to repair the lines or fix any problems. Search for another company or contact whoever offers VOIP service. You can really save money if you do the VOIP thing. There are some pluses and minuses…

good luck.

Check out a company called Fibernet. They are in Charleston, WV.

I get 3 lines and dsl for $88 a month. Local calls are .01 a minute and long distance is .06 a minute. Great customer service and never any surprises in the bill.

When we opened we first had Verizon for our new hom and the new business. They were horrible and were ripping us off big time.

Hope this helps.

slew…i am also in virginia…I haven’t had the problems with Verizon that you are experiencing but depending on where you are, NTELOS may have a plan available in your area. It may be worth checking out.