Phone stat's

I’ve just obtained some stat’s from my phone provider showing the number of calls per hour for each and every day, how many come in and how many are never answered.

Its very interesting reading.

Unfortunately it doesn’t show how long each unanswered call is - be it one ring and they put the phone down or a minute and they give up!.

I’ve certainly been in my stores so many time when I’ve picked up the phone on the 2nd ring and there’s no one there - you know the person who calls the number then realises he’s no idea what he wants so he hangs up.

If you get the chance ask your provider - its not gonna change your life but it may make a little difference to your own perception of how good you are.

There is a strange little quirk in the way the phone company’s equipment works. There is a given numbers of calls that can be processed at one time for example lets say 10. If 10 people are calling someone and the phones are all in the ringing process. Caller 11 tries to make a call but the equipment is all busy. The caller #11 hears the ringback tone in his ear but his signal to ring the number he is calling has not yet gone out. Once the Equipment has a vacant spot the ring goes out to the called number. So the guy calling you may have heard 10 rings in his ear and only 2 ring signals where sent to your phone.

I have looked at my call display and seen the same caller’s number come up 4 times before they actually connect. I have asked the customer if they were having trouble getting through and more often than not they say, “We couldn’t agree on what we were going to order so I hung up.”