Phone System Needed

We are a really small shop with only a one line phone. I need a phone system that is cordless, beeps (loudly) when someone is on hold, and has a loud volume. We have a regular phone line with caller ID and no call waiting. Any recommendations?



How about a free online ordering system? You will need to buy an Android smart phone/ tablet or iphone/ ipad to receive the orders on. If you set it up yourself there is no costs. Use it for free. You will need to send me your email address and I will send you an invite.

Take orders from
or App.

I would get a 2nd line and have the calls rolled over when line 1 is in use. Get a call sequencer , (I think Viking makes one and it’s about $200).

When I had 2 lines and went to 3 , I couldn’t believe how many calls were being missed. Our sales jumped $1000 weekly after getting the 3rd line

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Most phone companies can do rollover on their end at your request… No need to buy additional hardware to roll calls to the second or third line

Of course , since the original poster has only 1 phone line…

If your like myself and need an on-hold system because you can’t get to the phone all the time, additional hardware is needed…

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If you have two lines and the second line is ringing while you are in the middle of taking an order on line one, what do you do? Do you have an auto attendant system answer the calls and place them in a queue or do you politely place line 1 on hold for a moment to answer and place line 2 on hold?

We’ve always just had one line, so not sure of the procedures…


I have 5 lines that roll over (actually 6 but that last line is not a roll over). You just put the active line on hold and put all the ringing lines on hold. Then go back to taking the order. If i am by myself, i don’t actually use the hold button if i am up front. I just set the receiver down and grab one of the other phones to put them on hold.

I have a call sequencer that puts the caller on hold after 4 rings and no one answers.
The machine politely asks the caller to hold .
Having the call sequencer cuts down on staff as well…

I never answer the phone and place callers on hold, never.
I recently called a place for takeout and hung up after being on hold for 2 minutes. They lost the $50 order…

Most callers wait on hold for 30 seconds in my store so it ain’t bad.

If I didn’t have an call sequencer, then the answer and place on hold method would have to be used .

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We use a Mitel phone system. We have 4 lines that roll over set up by the phone company. I also use Message On Hold to advertise to my customers while they are waiting.

We do it exactly like this but the problem that I have been running into is that during rush hours we all at some point forget that there is a line on hold because there is no notification to remind us. I know we lose some customers as well for this we are also looking for a solution because then you have to juggle lines as to which one called you first so you dont pissed people off since they can hear you talking. Our phones are all different colors so we know which line rings first etc. but when its busy and all 3 lines are open depending on how long you are on which phone the next call goes to the next available line it gets a bit of a fiasco when you walk over to pick up a line on hold.

For me I feel the best system for a pizza shop is the old Merlin system from the 80’s .

The problem is that they are so old it’s hard to get the parts for them. I still have 1 in use but I need to replace it with a more modern setup before it blows up for good. I just like it. You can hear it ring. You can see which lines ringing. You can see lines on hold. All the basic stuff. If you watch any old 80’s movie with an office seen I guarantee you they will have one of these phones on the desk.

The newer ones I can’t tell what button is what.

I’ve tried looking for something basic that puts lines on hold and then rings to let you know it’s on hold or something along those lines but they are all so complex it’s confusing

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We have a four line Nortel system. Phone company provides roll-over. Since we have four actual phone sets in the store we can be working on all four at once. Three are up front and one in the office. We have a touchscreen on the computer in the office too so when we are really busy we can put our best phone person in there with no other task than answering the phone.

My phone system also ties into revention, but they also beep when there is a line on hold. So if you hear the beep you know you missed something. Sadly i train all of employees to look at the phones before they walk away… but … yeah. Revention caller ID screen will tell us how long each line has been on hold, so it is easy to figure out which line to pick up first.

So, Dodo’s pizza, the Russian pizza chain, just opened in Oxford, MS with no phone line at all. It’s 100% online ordering so the staff can focus on the pizza. The franchisee says she hasn’t had any complaints about not being able to order over the phone yet… about 2 weeks after opening.

How do you like them apples?

Awesome in theory.

How do they recieve/handle complaints and questions?

How do you change or cancel your order?

How do you order a pepperoni pizza?

Check it out. They only have 1 size and 7 pizza types. Seems like interaction with the customer is all pushed to social media which could be good or bad.

Maybe that’s because those who would only call in pizza orders have not walked into their store to tell them that they chose to order from XYZ pizza because they answered their phone and took their order. While I agree that online ordering is crucial in today’s day and age, anyone that offers delivery and doesn’t think it will negatively impact sales to not have ordering by phone has their head buried in the sand.