Phone System

I’m looking for some phone system options for my new building. Is VOIP reliable enough to consider? I’m looking for a system that can handle six incoming lines and 5 or six handsets. Any suggestions on what to look at?

I switched to voip about a year ago and was very concerned with reliability and I have not had a single hiccup knock on wood

Did you ever decide on a VOIP system, I am trying to do the same and like the flexibilty and management capabilities but in the dark about setup and getting it all to work right

At the recommendation of a friend, I am going to try I won’t be putting it in until I move into my new building which will hopefully be in the summer. I’ll post my thoughts of it once I’ve used it for a few weeks.

$155 a month seems like a good price point I’m going to have to look into this. I have nightmares about our internet going out on a Friday night.

I always recommend having cellular backup Internet for business VoIP. PizzaCloud will turn away customers who will not allow them to install that. When comparing VoIP companies make sure that all the features are included (not costly add-ons). Things like call queuing, call recording, start-of-call upsell messages, music/message on hold should be in base package, along with cellular Internet that protects not just the phones but also credit cards/web orders.