Phone Systems (?)

I want to have a decent phone system that will go to recorded message after 3-rings and beep every minute or so. Are phone companies able to set this up or will this be specailized and need an outside company?

Before I had a 4-line with rollover and added voice mail with an after hours message. I think this time I would like to have a better system then “please hold”, click.

I think one time I saw at the PC in Vegas they had a system with a seperate montior that had how long a line was on hold and no matter what phone you picked up off hold the longest person on hold would be transfered to that line, but that was really expensive.

Any suggestions as to a vendor or should I just start cold calling in my area?

This is the man. If he won’t do it, he’ll tell you what to get.

You can do what you want to do with hardware at your restaurant or with a hosted PBX provider. The feature you are asking for is called ACD (Automated Call Distribution). This will direct incoming callers to an available telephone representative or hold the call until someone is free to answer the phone. With this technology you can also play messages on hold to promote add-on or upgraded menu items.

Search Google for “hosted pbx” to find companies who sell use of their system on a monthly basis. With a system like this you are going to need help setting it up and operating it, so a hosted pbx or a local installer will be necessary.