phonebook covers

i don’t remember where i got this idea but i thought i would pass it along b/c i think its a good one and everyone in this tank has been very helpful and encouraging to me. Custom phone book covers with your logo and phone number and maybe even a menu on the back. i know everytime i’ve ordered pizza in the past there was always an exchange over who is going to get stuck ordering it and its usually b/c no one wants to flip through the phone book to find the number. so bam- your right there on the cover. why look through the phone book to find your competitor’s phone number? should i look under pizza or restaurants? you can even go halfzees with another business to offset the cost or a bunch of businesses and pay for the whole thing
(if you think its a bad idea this entire message was a typo)

I agree with your premise that you don’t want customers paging through the phone book or any other advertising looking for your phone # or specials where they may get distracted by your competitors ad. I don’t like the idea of phone book covers though as I don’t think too many of these get put on the books. My answer to this is magnets. I put a magnet in with every order, and each batch I print are a different layout and have in small print at the bottom of the magnet “redeem this magnet for …”. Each batch of magnets has a different special and eventually my customers have a bunch of my magnets on their fridge with different specials so they don’t need to look through the coupon books. I don’t actually collect the magnets unless they are a couple years old and have an out of date special on them. Works great for me.

yeah, i already figured on putting out magnets, none of my competitors do. i saw some custom magnets you can get that have little themometers on them. maybe people will look at the magnet more often that way. the other reason i like the phone book cover idea is b/c my store will open months before the new phone book will be out so my number won’t be in there and a lot of people grab the phone book b/c they don’t remember that they have a magnet on the frig next to a hundred other magnets. they are both good ideas