Phones...To VOIP or Not to VOIP...that is the question?

Has anyone pulled the trigger and if so are you glad you did?


I use Comcast business class, previous owner was the one who made the switch from Century link phone, to Cable (all in one). Honestly there is no difference in service to either imo, But a huge savings in cost.

The only downside, is when i lose the service, we lose everything. Phone’s, internet and TV. Honestly if you lose phone’s it does not matter if you still have internet (for CCs). And if you lose internet, well since 70% of my customers pay by CC, it doesn’t matter if we can answer the phone.

Outage’s have been rare, aside from the construction company behind us cutting the line 3 times last year.

The biggest problem with the phone system around here is spotty Cell towers.

been using 'em prolly 6+ years…Nextiva handles auto attendant duties

“Rare” is not good enough. We loose cable service in our home a few times a year. We have had our landline to our store down exactly once in over 16 years when highway construction project cut the trunk line a few miles out of town. Internet service (we have DSL over our landline) has been down a couple more times.

BTW, no problem to take credit cards without internet. You just use the old knucklebuster and enter the cards later when the service comes back.

I don’t doubt that the nature of phone service will change in the next few years, but the reliability of the old line is outstanding and until the alternatives reach that level I can’t see changing.

with Nextiva, if the 'net goes down, call can be routed to a series of cell #'s…In Fla, I’ve not ‘lost’ service in years…save $100’s each & every month…

Vonage has some really nice call recording features you can build in, as well as being able to listen in on live calls and coach an employee over the phone where the other party can’t hear them. Super slick.

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Over the past month and a half we have lost internet connection. First was out for over 24 hours due to the major cable to our internet company being severed. Last night again out on broadband in our area for all night. Both times our online ordering was down as well as our EFTPOS (internet connected), plus it knocked out 2 of our 3 “slave” POS units (all internet connected to main server). Had to use the main server and 1 slave for all orders. Based on this I would never go VOIP for our shop phones. Keeping the landlines. Never had an outage in nearly 10 years at the shop.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Plus, if you need those features, you can always put in your own system locally using your landlines to feed it.

I’m like Patriot’s. We probably signed up around the same time, I don’t quite remember. Nextiva is a great company and offers FAR more than a simple voip line. We have a corporate system with 10 extentions and 2 locations, autoattendant, menu systems, and a whole bunch of stuff I don’t really have the time to go into.

With Nextiva there’s no need for a 3rd party attendant system.

You can always keep a pots line and have Nextiva roll over in case of outages.