Pie or Square Cut

I have been cutting my pizzas into triangle slices for years, but living in the Milwaukee area it seems that everyone cuts there pies into squares. Just wondering what style you cut your pizzas into. I have a dining room with 40 seats and a nice delivery and carry out business. Our pies are quite heavy with toppings, as people here in the Midwest seems to expect that in a pizza. Any thoughts would be nice.

Here in central Ohio, the majority of independents I’ve been to cut in squares. Not counting “NY style”. All our regular and combo pizzas are cut in squares. Our specialty pizzas (taco, BLT, buffalo chicken, BBQ chicken, angry bird, pesto chicken) all come pie cut. I found with the particular toppings of our specialty pizzas, it worked out better to pie cut.

Milwaukee? Sweet!
The best pizza i’ve ever eaten has always been in Milwaukee, there used to be no such thing as a bad pizza in that city,

We started with giving our guests a choice, and just went to pie slices on all of our hand-tossed, and we do Square on out “Super-thin” and also our tenderloin-steak & smoked Gouda pizza now.

We do a 10 slice pie cut for our regular pizza
And square cut for our rustic beach pizza

Chicago style thin crust is always square cut; pan and stuffed pizza are pie cut.