So, I’ve sent two emails to PieSigns in the last month about their new car signs. No response to either of them. I want to order 4 or 5 of them, but they don’t seem to want to sell them if they aren’t responding to potential customers. Anyone use them or have any feedback?

I started off on the wrong foot with them too. Try calling the number on the site. It took me 4-6 times to call and email but they did get back to me and were very easy to deal with and even designed my car topper (though very basic) for no charge. I have not received my toppers yet so the jury is still out on if the actual product is any good. We shall see…

I used HTH, and am very satisfied with their product. There was a little miscommunication in terms of delivery time, but all in all it turned out well and I would recommend their product.


I’ve used Autosox for years. I won a gift card at Pizza Expo for PieSigns and thought some new car signs would be the best use of the gift card.