Pilot light on Bakers Pride

Model D125 Serial # 5700/5701 stack oven, I purchased this oven on Ebay 5 yrs ago, shipped in from Jersey. I have not had any issues with the bottom oven, but it is starting to really get to me about the pilot light on the top oven, I have to keep the burner door open after closing at night so the pilot light will not go out. We shut the ovens off at night always. When I come in in the morning to turn the top oven on I have to leave the burner door open for at least 20 minutes so that the pilot light does not go out. I had a friend in a few yrs back so something, crs, but anyway he told me that its possible that there might be a spiderweb inside one of the gas lines ?? Any thoughts on this

Hi Daisy

If the pilot light stays lit with the door open and goes out when the door is closed I think indicates a lack of oxygen for combustion.

What stumps me is why with the burner on it apparently is not starving for oxygen.

I think you will need a service technician.

George Mills

WAG: could it be a low volume gas leak that gradually fills the fire box? Just a thought. Tech idea sounds good from the equipment master.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking, just sounds strange that after 5yrs there would still be a spider web still inside the gas line ??, but yeah every time I turn the burner on in the morning if I don’t leave the burner door open it goes out, but once the burner is going for about 15-20 minutes it stays on. Once it is going I can shut the door and run all day with no problems. Thanks guys I will get someone out soon, it’s not a major issue since I’ve been doing the same procedure for 5 yrs. Just getting to the point that it’s a little irritating.