Piza show in Vegas

Hey, has anyone ever attended the world pizza show in Las Vegas? If so, was it worth it? I am considering going this year but do not want to waste my money. Any input would be helpful.

its a tax write-off so make it a little vacation…I have been to the Vegas show 2x every 5 years…I think I would go again only using pizza as an excuse to gamble b/c alot of it is recycled stuff from prior years

Why not give it a shot! Can’t hurt anything, maybe you’ll learn something while there! Its worth checking it out.

Never been there myself, but heard its pretty cool. Check it out and let us know!

I agree with the other comments, I would at least go and check it out, don’t think of it as a waste of money but as a chance to enhance your business! Plus it is a tax write off

Trust me it is a great show, any opportunity to learn more shouldnt be passed up. It is also nice to meet other people in the pizza biz and feed off of each other for ideas. Hope to see you there!