pizza and a movie

Hi. Does anyone offer any special deals with a mom & pop vidio rental place? We have a movie rental place across the street from us and we both want to use each other to get more customers by offering a “pizza and movie” deal. We have some ideas but would love some suggestions. Thanks

The movie place needs you more than you need them. Their business model will be history in the next few years. Just allowing them to offer a discount on your pizza is enough. Let them promote it. I would let them offer one of the same deals you have out there anyway but track it separately in your POS so you can see where the business is coming from.

One thing to keep in mind (assuming that you are a delivery place) is that these will be carryout orders which saves you delivery expense. I would avoid getting into any scheme that involves delivering movies. You do not need your drivers making the stop to get the movies or dealing with defective CDs or issues about returns etc. Nothing but headaches if you try to deliver movies.

From a purely business perspective, I’d think having a “red box” or similar movie machine in your store would be better than a promotion with the video store. This way, the customers could get a movie AND a pizza in your shop. If you’re not familiar with “red box”, it’s a DVD vending machine for renting movies.

I had a Hollywood Video next door to me for 4 years. We played around with cross marketing, but found we already had the same customers, so I never got a bump in sales.

Last year the Hollywood Video closed, and my sales never dropped. I explored the RedBox and MovieCube option, but neither company is placing units at independents at this time. Bottom line is the movie rental industry is not one you want to participate in at this time. As bodegahwy implies, the mom and pop across the street is probably on its last legs…don’t plan on any sales bump from any partnership with them.

Good luck

The only thing I do with the movie store next door to me is pass out their monthly promo and they put my menu in each of bag. I doubt there is any increase in sales for either one of us.

I acyually just opened a Video store 8 months ago in our town. We dont do any specific deals like buy 2 pizzas get a free movie but we do promote each other and it has helped both businesses. We box top a coupon for the video store every third weekend all it is, is a simple rent one get one free coupon. At the video store we have our menu and we also do samples once in a while. I go through about 100 menus a month there so even though it is not alot that is 100 potential customers. I also use the data base from each store to see if they are customers at both the video store and the pizzeria if they arent we enter them and they are then included in our direct mail. I hear so much about how the video industry is going down hill but our sales keep increasing and we are alredy making money only 8 months into it, I guess I have the right location and the need in town is still here!