pizza appearance

I have trouble keeping pizzas looking good after sitting on the warmer for even 20 minutes sometimes. they just start looking dull and rubbery and unattractive. Is there anything I can do to help them stay looking fresher so that they are still appealing after being out of the oven for 45 minutes or more?


Why are you cooking them so early?

People not coming in at the quoted time to pick their pizza up, buffet pizzas, large orders to name a few.

I have not found anything that will keep a pizza looking fresh because keeping it hot also means moisture loss. To help the crust, you do not want to contain the steam. I have no solutions but do share your concerns:

Pickup pizzas: I have wondered about this myself. People do not want to wait for the pizza but then they are late and may hold it against you that their pizza is stale. I wondered if I could have a policy that we don’t actually put the pizza into the oven until they come it. Which would they hold against us more – waiting or quality?

Buffet Pizzas: Just gotta toss them and make fewer (or better, get more customers)

Large orders: If they are so large that earlier pizzas are looking bad, could you break them up into separate deliveries? (I am supposing this is for delivery. If not, no idea.)

Like Charles basically said, there’s really not much you can do. I CRINGE every second that goes by with my pizza in hotbox only to sit there for another 5-15 minutes before the customer actually arrives. Even though I quoted them 15 minutes for pickup. Then they get home and wonder why their pizza isn’t fresh… UGGGHHHH

I’m not really having any problems with the crust, its the cheese that starts looking bad. I use Low moisture whole milk cheese from roseli.