Pizza Bacon

So what kind of pizza bacon are you guys using. Ready made bacon topping or cook your own?
Any good brands that have a actually bacon chip topping instead of just chunks of fat…I have seen some bad one’s out there

We use Sugardale. 3/8’s is the size I believe. Very good.

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Fully cooked bacon pieces (rather than whole strips). Tastes great and is lots cheaper.

As a Midwestern transplant and my family being hog farmers, bacon is true and dear to me. I’ve exhausted all options even putting costs aside and only one bacon in my opinion works for pizza. US Foods carries it. Brand recently changed names to Pauxetaney Farms or something like that. It’s perfect. We put on pies when they come out and push back in for 90 seconds to get the juices flowing and oozing all over the finished pies. Incredible presentation and gets raves each and every time!

Hormel 1" diced fully cooked bacon topping. Roma item 020998. Yummy with just the right amount of fat (most of the time)

We used farmer johns diced it’s pretty good the pieces are good sized too.

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we bake and chop our own

Are you baking in a conveyor oven?

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what do you pay per lb for that?

We currently bake and chop our own until I find a ready made one I like.
We pay 210lb and after cooking I have about a 35-40% lose in weight.
Brings price to a realistic 2.90lb of product

Somewhere in the 1.90 range per lb for good thick cut bacon. someone on here used to use pork cushion that they would cure and slice and grind in grinder to make bacon topping. now that would be cheap. no we use a rotoflex

I use clubhouse bacon pre-cooked slices from Patrick Cudahy. I run it through my nemco easy slicer. Its the best bacon topping I ever used, including baking my own. And coming in at $2 less per case(not even including labor cost) than baking it myself it was a no brainer

Its a 10lb case (2/5lbers) of bulk pre-cooked bacon slices that im charged by weight for instead of by the slice like they do with pre-cooked bacon slices that come on those paper sheets

Which provider offers it?

Colony foods

We currently prep our bacon fresh, however I’ve been considering swapping to a precooked brand that my distributor has for cost and convenience sake. I’ll order a test bag soon to try it out, if the quality isn’t there then I won’t switch.