Pizza Bag Policy

Hi Everyone,
Can everyone chime in what there pizza bag policy is for the drivers.

We give them 2 and take a depoist for the bags that prevents the drivers from losing them.

We just keep all of the bags under a table and they are takem as needed. All of our bags have out logo screenprinted on them so they can’t be used by other pizza shops. This slowed the replacement process, but they still get forgotten at deliveries or otherwise lost. Just a cost of doing business. At $14.00 or so each it’s not the end of the world.

If you assign someone two bags, what happens when they need more? Are pizzas sent out that are not bagged? Do they carry both bags in and out of the store when returning/leaving for each run? Does this lead to “that’s my bag” arguments when you have a bunch of drivers in the store at the same time?

Our bags are $20 themselves, but with the heating element inside they total $115…quite a pricey item to lose.

At one of our other stores the bags are even more expensive. They use the “magnetic heating” method. Each unit is $700, which is why I opted to use the cheaper bags from now on. (We weren’t the original purchasers of the $700 bag systems, but inhereted it from a purchase of the location)

At $115 per bag, how many bags do you purchased?

A total of 10, 5 with the heating element, and 5 without. Total was $675- STILL less than the cost of ONE of the other bags…

That store only has TWO by the way.

How many other people here use the heated bags? Seems a bit pricy for a high volume delivery store.

Biggest waste of money.

I dont think it is, especially when you have three deliveries that last one will be as hot as the first one with a heated bag. What about if you have an out of town delivery I love it when we get to the door and give the customer the pizzas and they say “wow that is hot!”
Any time I can one up my competition I will take advantage of it.

We’ave got a few heated and a few high quality regular bags.
I THOUGHT we’d be using the heated ones with the others for backup - but instead, we’ve learned that for a short run, the heated bag has no advantage. Maybe even a disadvantage in that they are a bit less insulated, and a little awkward (due the the heavy heating element inside).

But we DO use the heated bags -
a) To hold to-go and pickup orders
b) for long runs - or 2nd pizza on a double run, etc.

The heated ones keep it hot LONGER for sure.

I am going to try hodling some 12"x12" quarry tiles (or even creamic if you can’t find quarry/terra cotta) in my warming cabinet, or even in the oven for a few minutes to use as a heater in my regular old pizza bags when going on a double, or extra long run.

I’ll use a sewing machine and some thick bath towels from the local thrift store or Salvation Army store to make some “pouches” to put them in. I figure it will take an extra $3 apiece to make these little jewels. If one breaks, then I’m out a very few bucks, and the towel will hold the pieces. I use foil wrapped bricks at home to even out cold spots in the oven, and for transporting personal hot foods. This should emulate that same thing without the added weight of using something lot cast iron.

I remember reading somewhere, don’t know on here or an old Aussie PMQ forum, that a guy bought a load of quarry tiles and put a heated one in the box under the pizza.

Customers who returned them got a $1 off their next purchase, or they could keep them and tile their floor - good way to sell lots of pizzas>

Anyway he reckons it worked great.