pizza base not cooking intermittently continuation

last night as it was getting buisy and the oven was full the pizzas suddenly came out pale then some cooked as the pizzas were coming out one is good the one next to it no good . i stopped putting them in for a minute and it started to get better.
is it he oven or gas pressure i still dont know. i’m wauting for the gas company to monitor the pressure over the next 7 days

Hi Berjo45:

If you are using a deck oven and you had, as you say, an oven full of pies, you probably were puting raw pizzas down on spots that had not enough time to recover the heat lost to the previous pizza.

Most often when a pizza is placed on a spot where a pizza hsa just been removed it will not bake properly.

On a busy evening your oven temperature will drop drimaticly. That thing on a deck oven called a thermostat is a wishostat, you just wish the oven is that temperature.

I suggest you get two thermometers, one an oven thermometer that you suspend in the oven chamber to read your top heat. The other a grill thermometer. A grill thermometer is a hocky puck shaped instrement, flat on the bottom with a temperature dial on the top. The grill thermometer can be moved arround on the deck to determine where it has returned to prime baking temperature.

George Mills

Thanks George the oven i am using is a lincoln conveyor oven 1460 32" set at 240c and 6m50sec

HI Berjo:

Guess I best ask what oven is involved.The activity you describe is very un common in an air impingement oven. Best get a good service agency in to determine the problem. First guess would be a thermostat acting erratically.

George Mills

Thanks George
i adj. the temp to 260c and time 5m40sec
but still erratic.
i had the gas people check the pressure from the street to my meter while the oven was on and they said it was spot on.
as you said erratic thermostat possibly is ther anything else that would cause the base to come out pale or half browner than the other half of the base? the fingers or blower?note the temp. does not drop at anytime on the display.


Hi Berjo45

The way you are now describing your result is quite a common complaint with conveyor ovens. I don’t know if it is true in your situation but the common cause is the pizza baker. What I have most often found is that the pizza baker is not putting the pizzas down a couple of inches from the conveyor opening and is often pushing the pizzas into the chamber a few inches.That will result in one portion baking mote than another.

The same problem can be caused by not letting the pizza exit the bake chamber by a couple of inches before picking up the pizza. Or, worse, they may be pulling the pizzas out with part of the pizza still in the chamber.

In some instances the baker is doing both and really screwing up the bake.

Try insisting the pizzas be placed about two inches before the opening and not picked up until it is two inches out of the chamber. See if that solves the problem.

George Mills

I have seen a bar placed across the belt that is the piont at which the pizza is to be placed on the belt and one at the exit where the pizza must be passed before it is taken off. This is the extreme but staff should be trained on proper placement of the pizza.

sunday i opened a rack of skins for a order of 10 pizzas. then sauced and cheesed them after a half hour. when i put them in the oven i got pale bases.
after that the other pizzas started to look better cooked bases. its like the oven corrected itself and started to work better.
the oven distributors have asked me to make some pancake mix and run it through the oven to see if i will get a consistent
the other alternative ive been told is to use a lpg tank connected directly to the oven to once and for all determine if its the oven or the gas connection.
is this o.k to do and will the effect be the same as natural gas.