pizza base not cooking intermittently

:cry: i am stressing out my pizzas come out great then at approx. between 6.30 and 7.30 intermittently the pizzas
are coming out with the bases white not cooked. im using a lincoln conveyor oven 1456 32" with finger config. from left to right top
open/closed closed closed closed/open.

this is driving me crazy. is it a gas problem?
i quickly turned on my second oven gave me similar results. then after it came good.

what do i do?


Sounds like you started into a different batch of dough that is just not ready to cook with. Is this correct?

that’s my immediate thought as well. or maybe just a bad batch . . .

this is still happening on different days on different ovens i have a stack lincoln oven.

same batch dough suddenly they come out with the bases white not cooked.

no same batch tried the second oven next day had similar problems between 6.30 and 7.30?

Maybe you have some sort of intermittent temperature problem like a thermalcouple going out or something? Have you tried using one of those digital oven gauges with a probe to check the temp of your oven over time? Just a thought.

We had a similar thing happen to us a number of years ago. The problem was traced back to a drop in gas pressure when other users came on line. The gas company installed a device to record the gas pressure over the day. If I remember correctly, we had to install a larger gas line to correct the problem. This would be highly suspect if the problem comes on at about the samer time every day, if it is more random, I would think a thermostat might be to blame. Be sure to run this one across George Mills. George has a vast oven knowledge.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

that is my geuss as well I would say that you should look to see if there is an issue as well in the gas line.

Hi Berjo:

Sorry for not responding sooner I was having problems getting signed in.

Tom and the others appear to have the right Idea. Gas pressure is probably your problem. I wonder though why this just recently started and why it happens during specific times. Could there be something gas fired in your building that comes on at those particular times? Perhaps if you are in a strip center some other gas user in the center could be firing up something that draws down the pressure.

I guess the best course would be to have the gas company do a pressure check.

Let us know what you find.

George Mills