Pizza Bases for takeaway

We run a pizzeria providing pizza for takeaway. The pizzas are good quality and we use the best ingredients available but i was thinking last night of ways to improve the quality even more. The pizzas always come out of the oven looking well and nice and crisp but i find this crispness softens over time. When we cook a pizza its probably 15 mins before the customer gets home and starts eating. Its not a big problem and the pizzas still taste great but does anyone have any suggestions on how to maintain the crispness of the base over time. We currently use a flour with 12.3% protein. Would it be worth switching to a higher protein flour? I know the same company produces a flour of 13.1% protein.

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What you are asking for is the “Golden Fleece” of the pizza industry. I wish I had an answer for you, but I don’t. The best advice that I can give anyone wanting to keep their pizzas crispy longer, is to make sure they bake them as long as possible. Remove the sugar from your dough formula, if at all possible, this will allow you to bake the pizzas a little longer (you may need to reduce the bake temperature slightly) to help develop a better initial crisp on the bottom, which should hold over a little longer during delivery or carry out. Use ripple sheets or plastic net under the pizza in the box, and make sure the box is well ventilated because steam is the enemy when it comes to carry out and delivery. You might also work to educate your customers by recommending that they place the pizza into a preheated oven for X-number of minutes before eating to improve crispiness and eating enjoyment. Some shops even go so far as to sell pizza stones to their customers to help them in this regard.
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Do you use plastic pizza screens? They go in the box underneath the pizza to keep the pizza from touching the cardboard.

There are also “ripple sheets” that work to hold the pizza up off of the bottom of the box, allowing the hot pizza to breathe, not the full solution, but every little bit helps.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

where can i order ripple sheets? my supplier doesnt carry them and cannot special order them for me, local restaurant depot doesnt have them either. i googled it for a while and found a manufacturer website where it seems you have to order a whole pallet. where can i order just by the case? thank you.

I don’t know, but I bet if you posted that question on the Think Tank, I bet someone would tell you where they get them from. The plastic net mats are from <>
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We used to get the cardboard ripple inserts from Gordon Food Service by the case. I’m not sure if they service your neck of the woods or not.

I have used these since day one. The box says Grease Proof S/F Pads IVEX CORPORATION. Here is a link to their sales contacts. … cPageId=20 I have 3 sources Sysco, GFS, and a small regional paper product distributor.

I posted a picture in this thread. viewtopic.php?f=6&t=8612