Pizza Blogs

I was wondering if anyone out there has or follows any pizza blogs. Mine is kind of stale (although I updated it today which got me thinking…).

Post any links below.

Nice blog Pizzamancer! I think this industry could use more blogs because there are certainly plenty of topics to chat about. Keep it up!

Happy New Years!

It looks like PMQ is starting to get things setup for everyone to be able to blog on here. Pizzamancer’s blog is hosted (Free) on – which is one option. However, what happens if eventually decides to start charging, etc? You’d be much better off in my opinion to setup your own blog. Wordpress is free and takes just a little bit of know how and an ftp client to setup on your own server.

I can help out a few of you setup up a blog if you help someone else do the same down the road.

Thanks Scott. Actually, I have everything set up for my own hosting, I just haven’t spent the time on it. Another line on the priority check list for 2009…