Pizza Box Advertizing

I have heard about this being done, but can the Little Guy do it too?
I need some details.
Who, What, When, Where How much, How did you land the advrtizer, etc.
How did it work and how long did your advertizer last.

I have a local car dealership that i bought a car from and they advertise on my box and my car and in return they paid for 2/3 of my car so on my 18k car they pay 12k we are 3 years into a 5 year contract.

We print a lot of Post-its that people use in this way. I have one customer on the east coast that has their potential advertisers call us and order the Post-it notes themselves. I have another customer that sells the box space and the Post-its and marks up the cost of the notes by 15%. I don’t know what the going rate for box space is, but it seems to be a popular way to bring in some added revenue. It seems like most of the ads like this are for health/fitness/beauty. Like a local Karate class, a Spa with a discount off of facials…

Another idea - one guy in Washington needed some remodel work done, he printed notes for the remodel company and put them on his box in trades.

PM me if you want me to e-mail a scan of any of these ideas…