Pizza Box Cost @ $1 each

I sell 18" pizzas exclusively. I’m paying $1 per box. Seems like too much, any options would be greatly appreciated. thanks

We pay right around that for generic 20" boxes in bundles of 25

My biggest box is a 16". We are a small franchise so we get volume pricing. We pay $0.49 per (printed) box. Talk to your broadline food provider. They should be of more help to you.

we just had a 10% price increase so we now pay $.56/ea for a 1 color custom B flute box

$0.815 custom printed on craft for our 18" box. We add an insert. Changing our plates so I will shop this around a bit.

Can you let me know who your distributor is for that box? thanks

Any further info on your boxes would be greatly appreciated. thanks

they are a smaller outfit in CT we have been doing business with for 40yrs. Inbox me if you are in the area and i will get you their info

Welcome to inquiry Xinghua packaging company from China.
It is the largest pizza boxes manufacturer in China and has customers all over the country. to get the competitive price