Pizza Box Organization / Ceiling Dispenser

Our new store will have a double sided cut table coming off new triple stack edge ovens. I have seen pizza box dispenser systems that are ceiling mounted where the boxes are loaded from the top and then you can pull one folded box out from the bottom in chain stores. They would be hanging right above the cut table so the expo can just grab the correct box.

I can not seem to find anyone online who sells them. Does anyone know what I am talking about or have something similar in their store? I am starting to think I am crazy.

I think they attach to shelving. But are designed to where you pull the box from the bottom.

Why on earth they would be called dividers is beyond me. Do you use anything like this? Those do not look like they would hold more than 6-8 boxes.

We dont use them. We have triple stacks and pull the boxes from under the table.

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We have a shelf that sits above our cut table where we stack our boxes and pull from the bottom. We have e another shelf in the kitchen where we store extra boxes this table sits above our table where drivers packs their delivery orders. We also have space in our back prep area where we have extra boxes stacked as well.

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I usually see top shelving, grab and cut.
Lately ive seen a few places that dont fold the front flap closed, they leave them sticking out…I still havent figured out why though. It would save sooo much space if I could leave the boxes unfolded and fold the box around a the pizza, but its im pretty sure its impossible

My dream is to not pre fold the boxes. It’s pretty easy if every order is the same size. We do a school order of 200 pizzas a day. For this order we don’t pre fold. We set up 2 stacks of unfolded boxes, put the pizzas on them, cut and then fold the box up around them. We’ve done a few test runs doing this on regular orders but we were not successful. Maybe someday I’ll figure it out.

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We don’t fold the front flap either because when you pull the box from the bottom it gets stuck on the little legs on the box that is stacked above it

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Cool maybe ill give it that workflow a shot