pizza box qunadry - someone else's ad on boxes

I had a bundle of boxes ‘appear’ mytseriously at my HOUSE. It seems to be about 100 B flute 16" boxes with a huge ad fora Toyota dealership on them. It is in the next town, the county seat. No one ever contacted us about them, no one has mentioned hem before or since. I don’t even know who sent them to me.

What would you do with them?

I use my own logo’d boxes, and they are the heavier E flute. Much sturdier boxes. I also have no idea what the dealership is like or their reputation in the marketplace. Just wanting to get feedback because I am hesitant to decide to send them to customers. Were they handled cleanly and safely? I just don’t know that info.

I would be suspect of anyone who thought they could get their ads on my boxes just by dropping off free boxes that they bought and paid for without so much as a how do you do.

Evidently you are too.

I think you already know the answer.

Why not drive out there yourself with 100 pizzas and a bill? :lol:

Boy I dunno Nick…somethings up with this one. I’m sure you’ve already cornered it but no way I’m sending out my pies in a box with someone else’s name all over it. At least not until there is something heavy in it for me. The price of those 10 boxes is what, 2 pies? You’re not saving anything by using them the way it seems to me anyway.

Bet you’ll be on the phone with them in the AM to see what their scheme was!

What I found odd is that nobody called you…sure on their side it would be a great idea and if they had called and chatted with you…invited you to their place…made a big pizza order for their staff offered to put your name on it too or anything but too chicken to even pick up the phone.

What I find humerous in the whole thing is had they called and you probably would have done it just because you are who you are (of course you probably have wanted the right boxes and your name on it too)

I would pitch em and go on…


I use a lot of boxes per year. Free boxes would be worth maybe 12-15K per year to me. That is in the range of 40% of my marketing budget.

I would have to think long and hard before turning that down. If another, unrelated business wanted to buy my boxes I think I would figure out how to do it in a way that worked for both of us.

Kind of weird to just drop them off though.

My best guess and it is a guess only is that some “sharp” salesperson sold the dealership some “logoed” boxes and needed to distribute them for the dealership…Maybe the closer by shops could not use them all so they had to reach out…But “forgot” to ask you…

Or maybe they are going to have you keep them on hand to use to send pizzas to their clients who live in your area…A “thank you” to their clients might turn out to be a nice client for you…

Hey Nick, I also received free boxes in the mail. Nobody called me, they just showed up. These boxes were advertising tabasco sauce with a free sample. I decided to throw them away due to the fact I don’t know their origin and they were flimsy and I didn’t ask for them.

Free is good, but only if I’m asked to be involved.

The Toyota boxes with Nick is a wierd situation.
But for you Fireside, Tabasco is actually doing a nationwide promotion with 1000’s of stores where they are hoping you will use their promo material with the samples to spread their name. You’ve already ditched the boxes, so I guess their message wasn’t communicated well to you, the shop owner. Lack of communication on their part!

Even more wierd is that I am semi active with the Chamber of Commerce, and would gladly talk about stuff like this with feloow members of the Chamber. Cooperative marketing is a huge benefit to everyone involved. Key is cooprative.

If there was an explanation letter, it could have had a different outcome. But you’re right, without communication, it probably won’t ever happen.

I’d call the dealership manager to see what’s up. Then I’d sell him on the idea to pay you your going rate to deliver a pizza to every one of their new customers in your area.

It’s a super cheap way for them to leave an impression. And a profitable way for you to introduce your product. Be sure to drop of a menu and coupons/magnet.

We do this with local builders and it works pretty well.

I actually think royster’s idea is a great one.
Contacting companies with joint marketing in mind. They provide the boxes with their logo and (upsell) message and thank you note. You of course get your logo also on the box.
They buy X number of pizzas for their customers (new or loyal) from you at a reasonable rate, getting you more business and getting you potential customers that got a free pizza to try out!

I’m curious. Did you contact the dealership? What have you found out?


I got a bundle of 16 inch boxes last year with a bulldog on them advertising invisible fence systems. Have no idea where they came from, but having a bulldog myself I had to use them. Customers thought it was funny.
Got alot of attention.

@CMEC. See, that THAT is a great idea! Set up an arrangement where all this dealers’ new sales customers for the month get a “free” pie! Sweet! Something like that is an excellent example of cross-branding to the benefit of both.