Pizza boxes

I’m looking to buy 16" kraft brown pizza boxes.
Any one have any info.
I’m looking to go direct with a manufacturer
These distributors are killing me.

I called them already
They want to much
But thanks

If you are near NY you could try Enterprise Box Folding Company. Just google them. Custom one color box is a great price if you have the storage for 100+ bundles. I am not sure what the shipping would be though because I usually order aroung 600 bundles and they cut me a break on the shipping.


Gencs, I’m looking into importing 10, 14, and 18" colored pizza boxes. If you’re interested in maybe putting our orders together, pm me, I’ll get you pricing on them. Where are you located? Even with freight/custom duties, it seems I’ll be paying less then the pricing I’m getting from suppliers here.

I noticed on his website he only sells 16".

Remember, imported boxes need to have Country of Origin on them…I saw a pizza box (from Portland) a while back that had quite a story on the bottom of the box about how it was made in the USA, creating USA jobs and free of any concerns about the origin of materials used in imported boxes…Not sure how sensitive your market is to imported boxes but something to consider…

Also, I think there is some kind of FDA regulation about food packaging…But I could not find much in my research…Would hate to have a container load of boxes show up and have some sort of entry problem…

Does anyone use the brown kraft pizza box ?