Pizza Boxes

the Lady wasnt here when I went bye this booth, anyone get a pricing on this? … 6ec&bhcp=1

The Company is Freeport Paper or Avco Industries

I buy from them… and am very happy. Those are AD boxes(full color). Big companies put ads on the boxes and they distribute them(WWF, Verizon, Netzero). I paid $11 bux for a bundle of 16" ad boxes. However, keep in mind that those ad boxes are glossy coated and i find that if you put anything on top of them… like a bag… it tends to slide off easily during delivery. They can also custom print boxes with your name and everything on them.

They are located in Central Islip New York. You can deal locally with them if your in the tri state area(NY,Conneticut, or Jersey) They deal with most distributors (Roma, Vesuvio) …I’m sure there is a minimum to get those kind of boxes printed up…

BTW, She is a lot hotter in person. I’d make millions if i had her representing my business…

They got a website?