pizza boxes

Who has the best deal on plain white pizza boxes??
Also, how much space will 5000 pizza boxes take up?

five thousand boxes? wow, that will take up a lot of space. typically they come in bundles/cases of fifty. how come you need that many?

= approx. 50 stacks 10’ high

each bundle is between 10" and 12" high laying flat, depending on the flute.

100 bundles unfolded boxes would be probably stack 100 feet, or closer to TEN stacks 10 feet high, or TWENTY stacks 5 feet high. That’s a lot of boxes unless you have warehousing and dunnage for them.

I’m looking to buy 500 at a time, but you have outpaced me in enthusiasm and aggressive purchasing. I’ll bet you get a really good price break if you can keep the rats and insects out of them.

I myself have an unused shed at my house and was thinking of doing this but I am sure with tempeture and insects the big price break doesnt justify
the return on savings

cockroaches are attracted to cardboard, if you can store your pizza boxes in some sort of container where the bugs can’t get to them, then that would be the way to go.

The german cockroach is the most common roach that infests homes and restaurnats. they like dark warm places and like cardboard. they can eat just about anything and are really difficult to control. they are particularly attracted to cardboard as they like the glue.

crickets really love card board also

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The Pizza Wheel

wow 5000 boxes purchased at one time hmmm Uncle Sam will truly be counting on you come tax season.@ 8.00 a pie that will show 40.000 just in pizza sales.Look for a cash deal. :twisted:

How many of you are hiding money from the IRS? I record everything as best I can, and NEVER Do anything in cash. Am I doing something wrong?
Should I be hiding some cash, I would love to, but I am affraid of the Tax Man.

Rest assured that ANYONE who will openly admit onj thse boards to doing such a thing would be more than foolish! I would never encourage anyone to evade paying taxes on earned income . . . IRS will kill your busines over that. Jail time is possible.

AVOIDING taxes using very legal and effective deductions and benefits available to small businesses . . . that’s another story.