pizza boxes

Does anyone know prices for 12" and 17" square pizza boxes. I can get them for .45 cents from my franchiser…Is that too much? …Thanks

I’m a franchise store and we pay:

.302 for 10" box
.344 for 12" box
.362 for 14" box
.442 for 16" box

generic but sturdy 14" box from USFoods .269 - 16" .278 - .238 12"

Custom printed b flutes(much better quality than E’s). 11 stores but no franchise kickback on price:

u guys are paying too much for ur boxes. this is the pricing i’m getting. u need to have the volume for this

Printing: 1 colour
Each order: one 40ft container
10" w/box =USD7.10cs.(50pcs).
b/box = 6.43cs.(50pcs)

12"w/box =USD8.38cs.(50pcs).
b/box = 7.44cs.(50pcs)

14" w/box =USD9.60cs.(50pcs).
b/box = 8.59cs.(50pcs)

15 "w/box =USD10.27cs.(50pcs).
b/box = 9.20cs.(50pcs)

16" w/box =USD11.08cs.(50pcs).
b/box = 9.87cs.(50pcs)

18"w/box =USD12.69cs.(50pcs).
b/box = 9.87cs.(50pcs)

20" w/box =USD8.72cs.(25pcs).

24"w/box =USD10.67cs.(25pcs).

What do you mean? Are u printing these yourself?

does this include freight??? what would they charge you to add another color

Big SAL??

Do pay attention . . . this is for a 40 foot container. . . . this isn’t a quantity many people can afford at on whack, or handle for that matter. Think box car or truck trailer full.

that’s correct, nickspizza. it’s a full container. this would be good for multiple stores.

putting a second color is about 1 cent more.

i can pass this pricing on to fellow pmq member.

What kind of deal do they give you if you by it by the ship load ? :lol:

I am curious as to how long it would take the average store to use up a “container” load…These prices have to be 15% to 25% less than having your wholesaler buy them and ship them to you weekly…If it is 3 to 6 months the cost savings versus carrying costs make this very worthwhile…Helps you bottom line versus your wholesalers bottom line…

As far as $0.45 a box from the franchiser…It is is hard to say whether that is or good or bad until you know the whole package…We used to buy what at 1st we thought was expensive packaging for fried chicken…But is was the only thing we had to buy from them in order to use their brand…At the end of the day it was worth it to us…

Are these B-flute, E-Flute, or Clay Boxes. FOB Where? Please forward this info, as I don’t think a 40 foot container would be a problem for our situation. How many pallets per container? Aprox 30 bundles per pallet, correct?

40 foot container from China would run about $5000 USD…to get it to a port here…plus truck freight to your warehouse…

they are about 7.8 ft wide and 7.3 ft high internal dimessions…so

just take the 12" box for comparison… 7 bundles wide by roughly 14 bundles high =

84 bundels X length 39.3 ft ? 30 inches in length = 15 bundles in lenght

so 15 X 84 equals 1,260 total bundles of 12" boxes in FCL

total frieght to your warehouse roughly $5500 / 1260 = $4.36 per bundle
in freight alone…

7.44 + 4.36 equals

11.80 per bundle one color…b-flute 2-color $12.30 which is a nice price…just a hassle unless you have a warehouse…

Big SAL…

or 2500 square feet I don’t know exactly what I am planning to do with :smiley: I’m not likely to go in on the “lifetime supply” of boxes right now. Mayb e next year when my sales get over $250K annual :slight_smile:

I really don’t think he stated that these were coming from China. That’s why I asked the FOB. As far as storage, our stores go through 200 bundles a week, so between us I don’t think our distributor would be sitting on these very long.

could be INdia…I guess…but somewhere other than here…

Tiawan…?? How about hh tells us here>>>??


it’s coming from china largest pizzabox company. they print for pizza hut, papa johns, etc.

in a 40ft container:
qty/ box
10" 86130
12’ 62050
14" 53940
16" 41900
18" 36540

pricing based on white B flute

Freight to west coast about $2600
East coast $4700

If I’m reading this right(1 container would hold 41900 16" boxes, 838 bundles) then I am better off using my current manufacturer. I save a bit of money, keep jobs here in the US, use significantly less fuel to deliver my product. Being on the east coast, it just wouldn’t make sense to switch.

For the time being freight to the east coast appears to make this marginal for those locations…But once the Port of Prince Rupert BC is fully online and container trains are running to Chicago, the cost to deliver a container from Asia to the east coast will drop by at least $1,000.00…And if you want 4 colour printing the extra cost is US is many times the cost in Asia…