Pizza Box's

I have been doing a lot of searching for a box that is either pre-formed and nest together, or a box that uses minimal effort to fold. Seems like we spent a lot of time folding box’s and once they are folded they take up a lot of space that could be used for something else. Only thing I really have seen is the formed round containers from World Centric. The cost per container is a little steep I think. Has anyone else seen or using anything that could help with this problem?

We fold boxes after we cut the pizza. They don’t take up much room this way and we save time folding boxes during downtime. How often do you actually go through all the boxes that you have prefolded? This also helps to get the pizza cut all the way through the crust instead of partially cut.


You don’t prefold any boxes for a Friday night?

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We do the same…

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No, we don’t need to. The box gets folded around the pizza at the cut table.

Curious, do you only sell 1 size pizza? We would be buried on a Friday night if the oven person had to fold all of the box’s.

We sell 5 different sized pizzas, wings, oven baked subs, 2 sizes of cheese / breadsticks, pasta, gyros, meatballs.
During an oven rush a 2nd person will jump in to help the main person working the oven. When you have all the side stuff coming out it can get crazy. But if it is just pizzas it is possible to run 2 ovens just 1 person. It is like anything else, you just have to adjust to the process. Our bake time is 7:45.

If you think about it, when you have a folded box you have to grab it from under the table and OPEN it.
When we have an unfolded box we just put it on the table. (we then put a liner on it).
So at this point we are quicker than prefolded boxes because we don’t have to open it.
Then you cut the pizza. It’s easier not having to work around the folded box, so may save a split second of time here too.
We then fold the box bottom around the pizza. Here is where the advantage we had before is lost.
Then we close the top of the box. This would not take any longer than a prefolded box, since it is the same step and the prefolded box is going to have the flaps open up a bit while it is waiting to get closed again.
Looking at it this way, both processes should be about equal in time. In prior operations my partner and I worked with prefolded boxes for years. After doing it for 8+ years this way I don’t think either of us would go back to prefolded.