Pizza Buffet

I am about to start a pizza buffet for the lunch crowd. I would like to know what hours everyone thinks I should have for the buffet. Also, does anyone have an idea as to how many pieces of pizza each individual buffet buyer might eat. I am going to put 14" pizzas on the buffet and cut them in 10 slices.

Any suggestions would be great!

How about price…I know this might be predicated on what area of the country you live in, but would still be interested. Also, does your price include or exclude the drink?



Have you looked at the buffet that Pizza Hut offers across the nation?

Lunch Buffet available from 11:30am - 1:30pm
Monday - Friday excluding holidays

All-You-Can-Eat Week Days Lunch Buffet
Enjoy world-famous pizzas, pastas, salads, hot breadsticks and our own Fruizza dessert pizza. …$8.99 … Buffet/520

Come in any time Monday-Friday from 11:30am to 1:30pm, Sunday from 11:30am - 2:00pm for an easy and delicious meal. We feature an all you can eat pizza and pasta buffet. This includes the choice of five different flavored pizza, 1 dessert pizza, bread sticks, cinnamon sticks, pasta and salad bar. All for only $4.59+tax. Students $4.29. Buy your first drink and refills are on the “Hut”. Print off this page, and pizza hut will buy your first drink.

There is also a large selection on our menu. Such as grilled sub sandwiches, pasta’s (several flavors), and chicken wings. These come in two flavors, hot or mild. (Both are my personal favorites.) Print off this page, and the “Hut” will give you an order of small breadsticks when you order off the menu.

15% discount given to our young at heart customers who are 55 years or older. Mention this ad or print off this page to receive this wonderful offer.

The example to emulate is CiCi’s. Those of us that put in some time there will tell you:

  1. Go with 12", not 14"
  2. Hours, I suggest 11am to 2 pm, with a significant wind down about 1. Meaning, put less selection out, maybe even 1/2 and 1/2 s
  3. Make sure you are turning the product over quickly…the buffet MUST look hot and fresh. Anything looking shady should be thrown away.
  4. I would guess the average person is good for 4 - 6 slices, depending if you are doing a salad bar also.
  5. In my area, CiCis is at 4.99, Pizza Street is at $4.49. both w/o drink I believe.

I’m sure more CiCi alum with add to this list

one thing CiCi’s does is prep a rotation of pies (on a rack) and use the entire rotation, not trying to replace a particular pie…they also make a special request pie for anyone that asks…

CiCi’s also tries to keep their pies out on the buffet for 25 minutes or less…

Make sure your cheese holds up well under the heat lamps…

As you focus on price, ensure you have variety of other items to round out the selection, while watching costs, i.e. brownies, cini-rolls, salad, pasta etc…

Hi Dwwhitman:

All the shops we have outfitted with buffet capability offered beer & wine except for the last two recent instalations. Results are not in for the shops without

It would appear that the chances for success would be greater if you offer beer and wine.

I would be interested in the results for any of you doing buffet witout beer and wine.

George Mills

We use a 12" pizza on our buffet and estimate about 1/2 a pie per customer. We include salad bar and a fountain drink for $6.24 which is a little higher than some places and a little lower than others in our town. Hours are 11:00-1:30.