pizza buffet

Prob a topic that has been discussed a million times. I was wondering if anyone currently runs a buffet? price? include salad bar or add on? with drink? seems like an inexpensive way to maybe boost lunch sales. while im at it how many people do or do not use a waitstaff? we currently do not have one. we also use paper plates and plastic ware. i am thinking perhaps we could see an increase in revenue if we would do a switch from this to haveing a waiter/waitress with great customer service and switch from paper and plastic to silverware and melamine plates. any input is , as always , appreciated.anyone made this switch to a positive result or start out this way and wouldnt ever see doing it the way we have been?

I currently use silverware and melamine plates at my place, however they order at the counter and then sit down and food is brought to them. I tried a Mexican food place one time near where I live, They have the same set up as I do and they are not cheaply priced either BUT they gave me paper plates and plastic silverware. I will not be back. It cheapens the entire meal by giving paper plates and plastic silverware at a dine in establishment.


thanks for the reply that is the kind of input i am looking for! Noone has ever complained but it is sometimes what people say or feel after they leave!

We have been running a buffet for 5 years and it has been a great success. We do not have any wait staff and run the buffet similar to CiCis and Mr. Gattis. The customer pays at the cash register and gets his/her own drink. We use melamine plates and paper cups.

Only open eves. considering opening days.
Wait staff and menus.
No buffet. Considering(have the buffet warmer all ready) for lunch if open.
melamine and silverware.
Have salad bar on thurs, fri, sat, only.
Customer gets own soda 95% of time.
We take care of the elderly crowd on soda.

Would anyone care to discuss how they price thier buffet?

We charge $8.50 for an adult buffet which includes, salad bar, drink, and tax. Food cost can be high but if you keep your labor low and have the seating to accommodate at least 50 customers it can be profitable. In my opinion if you do not think you can have at minimum 50 customers a day for your buffet, I would not do it.