pizza buffet

Can anybody help me if how I should set a price for a pizza buffet. This will be during lunchtime only located on a college campus. The menu will consist of pizza, mac-n-cheese, salad, and cinammon rolls. The drink will be extra. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

I know Ci-Ci’s has made a living (to the tune of about $20,000/week) doing nothing but buffet for the last several years. Last time I can remember their buffet was $3.99 and you had to pay separately for the drink, which was around $1.50. Definitely put medium pizzas out there rather than large (eliminates most waste) and you should do rather well. Hope this helps. -J_r0kk

$4.49 now. Drinks are over a buck for dine-in (and proably 12 ounce cups), but for fifty cents more, you get a larger (32 ounce, I think) to-go cup.

I remember first hearing of CiCi’s a few years ago. It was a $2.99 buffet and they pimped the crud out of it. Within a couple of months after all that advertising, they raised the price to $3.99. Now they’ve gone to $4.49. They did a GREAT job of suckering in for price and then raising the price. At $2.99, they beat everyone in town by a good margin, but at $4.49, they aren’t THAT far under everyone else. A 50% price increase over a few years ain’t bad at all, especially for pizza.

I will be doing buffet for lunch as well and seeing as how you are going for a college crowd I would say the $3.99 plus another $1.50 or so for a beverage buffet would be a good price point. I will be serving fried chicken and a pasta as well so I am going to more than likely go with the $4.49 plus drink. Peter Piper Pizza started doing buffet for lunch here in Az about six months ago or so, and they are doing a decent lunch now instead of being dead. They charge $3.99 for pizza, cheese bread, cin pizza, and a very small salad bar. I would say go with a better salad bar to attract the college ladies as well! Good luck!

I would say go with a better salad bar to attract the college ladies

Get the ladies and the guys will follow. We’re so lame it’s pathetic. -J_r0kk

You should have seen how bad I was when I was in the Sports Bar business!!! LOL!!!