Pizza business for sale

I have not posted it for several weeks, so I though I would run it up the flagpole again:

My two-store pizza business is for sale either with the real estate (both locations) or with new leases for a term agreeable to both buyer and seller.

Location 1 is a delivery/carryout store. I opened it and have owned it for 9 years. Sales growth is steady. Stack of two gas fired MM super 70 ovens with 40" wide belts.

Location 2 is a seasonal slice location in the base complex of the local ski resort in business for about 15 years. I have owned it for 9 years. Triple stack of 210v 3-phase Lincoln Impinger ovens.

Being a major Colorado ski resort (one of four that consistently has over 1 million skier days per season) the business has high and low seasons.

Total sales are 625K not including sales taxes.

Discreationary cash flow is ~150K.

Good crew including managers in place.

If you are interested, please contact me via the private message feature of this forum with your email/phone information. Please also be prepared to sign a non-disclosure agreement and to provide your own financials and other evidence of ability to complete a transaction of this size before receiving access to all business records.

The numbers and records of the business are solid, above-board and legit. Alll sales figures and expenses supported by tax reporting.

More looky-loos, jokers and mystery customers…

One national franchisee that is looking at re-flagging
One manager talking about buying… money?
One real estate developer that might want of the locations for another purpose but be willing to buy the business as well to get it…
One former restaurant owner that is trying to raise funds to make an offer…

The fun never stops.

Well it is nice that you have some interest…The final lesson in this biz…patience… :wink:

The way I keep looking at this whole selling thing…each passing day is one day closer to the day our building is sold. :lol: