Pizza by slice

Hello Mr Lehmann, I am starting a small business selling pizza by slice.
My method will be to bake a pizza 16 inches with sauce and a bit of cheese in the oven until is 50% baked.
After this I will let it cool down and slice it.
When I have an order I will add the ingredients to the slice and another amount of cheese and put it back in the oven for another 2 or 3 minutes to have totally my pizza baked.
I will be using 58% water, 2 % sugar, 3% olive oil, 1,75% salt and 0,5% of IDY.

According to your experience is there any other things I should consider to have a nicely crispy pizza?
Please advice me


Yes, you are doing your cheese no favor at all by the method you have described, instead, you will get a vastly superior product if you par-bake the pizzas with only 1/2 of the sauce, then add the remainder of the sauce along with the desired toppings and the cheese last. This is important as the cheese will form a net to hold the toppings on the slice during baking. Regardless of the type of oven you have you will need to use a baking platform under the slice as it is being given the final bake. The best baking platform I have found for this very specific application is the Hex Disks from Lloyd Pans. If you want to see a store where a very similar process is being used with great success Google AJ’s New York Pizzeria, Manhattan, Kansas. They have won many awards for their pizza.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

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Excellent, I will try the way you have described, thank you very much Tom.

I’ve never heard it explained like that and it makes 100% sense, Tom. I’m going to try this as well.