Pizza by the Slice Merchandiser... help.

I’m wanting to get a Pizza by the Slice Merchandiser, but which one is the best to get?

So far i’ve seen,

  1. standard solid heated shelfs
  2. Rotating shelves with a metal grate bottom
  3. Placing the pizza under a UV lamp and putting it back into the oven for a minute.

I do a NY Style Crisp crust…


Thanks all!

Those Hatco units look pretty nice, but they are expensive. There are some good deals to be had on them on ebay now and then though. I think there are pros and cons to both dry heat and moist heat, but if you are putting the slice back in the oven to heat it, I think the moist heat might be best. The oven should crisp it up again I would think. I think with dry heat it would probably be best to keep the pie in a box to keep it from drying out too much over time. I am just trying to think it through though as I am not yet open, so I have not dealt with this problem yet either. I hope you find the best solution for your problem. Good luck!

I’m wanting to keep this unit in another section of the resturant, so it would be a pain to run the slice all the way back to the pizza ovens to warm and crisp.

I want to crust to stay nice and crisp but not dry the toppings out…

Other thoughts or ideas anyone?

Thanks again!

unfortunately, I cannot think of a better way than crisping the pizza on a deck oven
I have a small deck oven, Castle Comstock, 19"x22" deck, up to 3 decks, cost little over $1000 and it cooks a good pizza, only about 6 per hour though

in summary, I do not know a holding box that will deliver the quality that the re-heat will,
good luck,


Sounds like you would be best of with a dry heat unit, and keep the pizza in a box to help it to not dry out. You could maybe use one of those little pizza/pretzel ovens to try and crisp it up. Not ideal but your situation sounds like it limits your options. Good luck!