Pizza carry-out packaging...bags, not boxes.

Ok, I’ve searched from one corner of the internet to the other and I’m nearly as confused as when I started out. I’m looking for suppliers of carry-out “bags” for pizza in lieu of the std. cardboard boxes. Our local Monical’s has used them effectively for years but I can’t seem to find a source. Can anyone point me the right direction?

btw…the answer to your next question is, because of room. My small kitchen footprint really doesn’t have the extra room needed for first the storage of the unfolded supply, and certainly not for the stacks of prefolded ones at the cut table. Now, that being said if it turns out the costs from one v the other aren’t that great of a savings then I suppose I’ll find some incentive to MAKE more room.

side query…when ya’ll were getting opened up, how many months did you pay rent on your place before you actually were able to usher in your first paying customer? I have to make a 'go no go" decision on the place I’m intending to rent like soon b/c there are others in the wings. I don’t think I’d be actually open and serving till June 1st at the earliest though and am wondering if eating that 2 months of rent is common.

Not sure if this is anything close…

I hang all of my unfolded boxes on the wall above the cut table. Saves TONS of space with very easy access… Theres a thread somewhere about it called “steveos box folding thread” lol.

As for the rent part, we got 3 free months from the day after we signed the lease.

Can’t really help you with the paper bag part. I would NEVER in a million years go that route.

Good luck with your opening!

Eating rent just depends on the strength of the location. If, as you said, there is a line to rent that space why would the landlord need to offer free rent?

yeah that’s the rub. The location is darn close to excellent (wish it were just a bit bigger) and in the end units of a 3 year old facility at one of our highest traffic count intersections. Our little town doesn’t have much else to offer, certainly nothing with the pluses this place holds. I know I can hold her off till the end of the Month and hope we’ll have a bank answer by then for the credit line we’re looking to secure. I know she really can’t afford to pop me for much in the way of free rent while we get situated, she’s got a huge mortgage of her own I’m sure to make the monthly’s on.

Wish me luck! And I know if this deal falls in, it only means there’s a better one waiting for me!!

I certainly agree with Buccaneer, but you have to ask. The worst that can happen is they say no. Maybe you can negotiate 1 or 2 months into the deal. Bottom line ASK.

re the boxes - read steveo’s thread. ALthough I did’t/don’t agree with the argument about folded/unfolded boxes if you are really short of space then maybe this is the answer.

However, I would say that if there isn’t enough space for even the unfolded boxes it doesn’t sound an idea position to be in in the first place. If you can’t even a pile of unfolded boxes then man you must be really short on space. Boxes over bags any day although I do believe Steveo may be able to supply you with some c/o bags for a reasonable price (see steveo you might be able to off load those yet!!!). Really not too sure whatelse to say but running short on space BEFORE you open is not a good sign at all.

Re the rent period - we did 3 months free for buildout. Depends on how much they want YOU in there and how many other takers there are. I’d rather have rent in 3 months for someone than no rent for a lot longer. I take it that you have been seriously looking at more than one place?? If not and people know you’ve all your eggs in one basket then your stuffed really as she will know she has you either way. Really depends on how you’ve played the game.

Is this what you are looking for?

I think he’s looking for a paper product, not plastic. Could be wrong tho.

Thanks as always, to all. Yep, Monical’s uses a heavy paper “sleeve” or bag, puts the pie on a cardboard pie plate, a little saver-table, then wraps with light foil and slides it in the sleeve. I know there is honest concern with the heat and the moisture issues with the foil, but realize that my little town is just that, and just about anyone grabbing a carry-out would be home with it on the table in like 3-5 minutes tops.

Am I really short this much space…don’t know yet, I’m just the type that likes to worry through every possible scenario to make sure my ducks are in a row. I know Monical’s has used this set up for their std. thin crust pizza since forever at least in our town. I know the box is better, and believe me, I’m going to try to make it work for me that way.

First thing…rent. This is about the 4th place we’ve considered, always knew it was “the best possible” in town, but we were only within the last couple of weeks pleasantly surprised to hear it was becoming available. I play mean poker and believe I’m playing my cards out right on this hand too. I’m trying to move as fast as I can with getting all the rest of the ground work done, having thought that I had “months” before anything usable opened up, only to find out it’s turned out to be weeks.

If it falls together in the next couple of weeks, then sweet it was meant to be. If not…means I’m just supposed to keep on looking. And as always, thank you all for your support and suggestions!!

:arrow: im in the st louis and deal with realty all the time and i have never herd of someone paying rent untill the cash starts to flow .

What does Monical’s do when they have orders with 2 or more pizzas???

I only know of 1 place that does the paper bags, and they still use boxes when its 2 or more.

And not only that, I can imagine those paper bags are going to sloooow you down during a rush.

having had a store w/less than 500 sq ft., we still had 3 sizes of folded boxes - gotta think up! Use the wall hwights 4 storage