pizza cash cow??

Who has knowledge of this system? If so, does it work?

After reading his web site I would think you have access to anything he has to offer right here on the think tank.

It looks like it only costs $20 to sign up. I checked availability in my zip cod and it said there were 3 places left that can sign up. In the citys near me there were 5. I think I will give it a try, can’t hurt and it’s only $20.00

I am sure that if you act now, you will get a Ginsu pizza cutter :shock:
Act now, this is a limited time offer.
Don’t let your competitors beat you to this goldmine.
Don’t let someone else waste their money before you do.

[blunt opinion]

Kyle, this is the sort of reason your business is struggling and will continue to struggle. He may be a very good salesperson, but COME ON! You have severely limited marketing funds and crippling sales shortages . . . and you want to give money every month to some guy whose website is playing the “limited availability in your area” game. Spit out the hook and do what people here are suggesting to you FOR FREAKIN’ FREE. He isn’t offering a get rich quick plan to anyone but himself (more power to him if he can). I put in my zip code that has maybe 3500 total people, and there are still TWO sign-ups left, so I’d better hurry. He is selling ideas that you will then have to pay to implement. If he thinks TWO pizzerias use his program, let alone can survive, in my zip code then he can sell the Brooklyn Bridge.

That whole jet reference in another thread just may have (speculation) been a humorous attempt to say things are going way over your head . . . you are missing the boat and jumping at little sparkly things in hopes of a quick fix. It is going to be hard road to survive, you will have to spend money . . . and I will bet the title to my shop that Cash Cow guy will give you nothing that hasn’t been or won’t be offered for free by the successful people here on the Think Tank.

[/blunt opinion]

Sorry to rant on, but I cannot idly watch so much accumulated effort be given over to someone and see that person suggest he is going to flush money down a toilet.

Hey Nick,

I understand what you are saying. I misread the $20 as a one time thing, not a monthly thing. I agree I would rather spend that money on something else. Perhaps things are going over my head. Though I have a degree in business administration this business seems to break all the rules of business that I learned in school. Oh well I will keep on trying until I succeed, kill myself or get a job offer (which in Michigan is about as likely as me meeting and marrying Jessica Alba!). I am working on the Because You Deserve Better idea!


Is anyone else getting spam from this (pizzacashcow) site? I just got mine. They’re either data mining or got data from here, PT, or pizzamaking. I’m NOT pointing fingers here, I’m merely curious to see if others are getting their spam. I “assume” they’re not a site sponsor and someone that our information was shared to a “third-party”. Again, note, I am NOT suggesting that our information was “given” to someone, more that I believe we have someone mining our email addresses from here or one of the other pizza-centric sites.

I did get some a couple of weeks ago but just deleted them, then they stopped.



Re: Job offer. Move to Colorado and manage my pizza business.