Pizza Census online

Anyone else take this thing and find out the [size=5]ONLY [/size]way to get past screen 4 is to answer #34 that you are interested in Certified Organic? I tried all sorts of combinations without that one, and could only advance by checking that organic one.

I am deeply, deeply sorry to have a short fuse, but come on! What kind of error or bull$*** is this?

This question requires an answer.

  1. Which of the following types of pizzas would you be interested in serving in the future if you had a great recipe? (choose all that apply).
    Low-Carb Pizza
    Gluten-Free Pizza
    Certified Organic Pizza
    Soy-Based Pizza[/i]

edit: PS I got past it by selecting nothing as well.

I checked the organic one and got past a couple of days ago…
it accepted my survey after filling in some that I had left blank…
hope I win the Pizza Cruise, I plan to go,

I didnt have a problem