Pizza chains with HQs in Los Angeles?

I’m looking to find out those pizza chains with headquarters (main offices) in Los Angeles, or the surrounding area.

I went on my favorite search engine, and tried various search term permutations, and all I have come up with so far are Pitfire Pizza, Shakey’s and California Pizza Kitchen who have HQs in the the Los Angeles area. Does anybody know of more stores I can add, and/or the right search engine terms I need to use?

By the word chain, I guess any pizza store/brand that has more than a couple locations, like the previously mentioned Pitfire Pizza which has four locations in Los Angeles.

I also have Ameci Pizza and Pasta on my list, though that is from personal experience knowing that they have a couple dozen stores in southern California.

Of course, I am not looking for chains JUST in the Los Angeles area - once a chain expands to a number of stores (such as CPK) they are going to reach out beyond LA, and even go national or international, and those are also what I am looking for.

Any advice would be appreciated!

…and Round Table Pizza seem to be in Concord, CA. But from Google Maps that seems to be more in the San Francisco area.

Just curious… why? :?

The reason is because I would like to see which Los Angeles based pizza chains offer online ordering at their websites.