pizza cheese

Looking for some advice on pizza cheese.
scale to use?
Cup size ?
right now we are bot measuring cheese.
any advice is welcome.

Check out the Ultra ship 55. Inexpensive and reliable.

We really like, and use Diced Grande Whole-Milk, with their own measuring cups. Its been keeping things very consistent.

I use the diced as well. Do u weight the cheese too? Or just use the cups?

I too use the Grande’, East coast blend diced, with their measuring cups. Been using it for over a year now. Switched form their 50/50 blend shredded, because of the stretch that you get from using the east Coast blend cheese. Since I did the switch and using the measuring cups every time we make a pizza I have been able to save 20% off my cheese bill every week! It is a a HUGE money saver using the diced instead of the shredded because of the ease of portioning with the cups that Grande’ provides. If you don’t measure and portion your most costly topping you are over portioning and LOSING money. That’s all I can say about that.

We’ve been weighing since day 1, id recommend a scale regardless. I’ve been doing it for a year now, and even then I’m off by an ounce either way some times.

Do you weight the pizza or just the cheese? Any recommendations on scale?

Thanks, do you use just the cups or do do weigh them also.?

Am I the only one that still grates cheese on a hobart mixer? I really like fresh grated cheese on my pies. Can’t imagine ever doing the pre-shredded mix but who knows maybe I’m missing out.

I buy loaf mozzarella shred it myself the shredded cheese goes in clear 6 inch deep half pans, i keep 4 under the pizza salad bar on the top shelf. I have the ultraship 55 pluged in on the pizza strecthing table right next too the pizza unit. I put the bin of cheese on the scale and tare it out, i open the pizza place it on the peel(no screen) sauce it then grab cheese from the bin until it says -9.5oz . For pizzas w toppings its -8.5oz . I have a chart w all my cheese portions taped to the salad bar.
It works great for us i save money bying loaf over shred or diced.
Its more accurate thsn cup method.
A new employee can do it the first try
yiur pizzas are consistent

I just use the cups every time. Don’t have the room for a shredder or mixer. I have my baker at another location make my fresh dough balls and he then brings them over to my shop. Works out great for me. (Same Sicilian baker for 30 years making my dough.)

We dice up our cheese using a VCM and weigh cheese before putting on every pizza. We use a simple two cup measuring cup and go by weight.

I am not a fan of the diced Granded on a NY pie sitting on a peel or a NY sicilian in a pan (you can’t get it to the edge like with a shredded cheese on the pan pie). Also with toppings on top of the NY pie the diced acts like little rollers and everything wants to slide off when shaking it off the peel. We do it by eyeball and it is either me or my assistant doing the dressing and we have checked our weights many times and are right on our target weight. We use whole milk low moisture grande and shred it on the hobart mixer. Walter

Iv always wanted to but haven’t tried it. How much do u save compared to the bagged stuff

I’m paying $2.20/lb the past few weeks. Not sure what the pre-shred goes for

It varies, but using block vs pre-shred or diced saves from 5 cents to 20 cents a pound when I have checked…

You are better at it than I am. After all these years I can’t do that.


I have always been good at that end of the business and creating a smooth workflow. I also only work with the same few students for 4-5 years in our program. They do not make the pies. I make 99% of our pizzas and I also grate the cheese so we get a consistant shred. My students work on cleanup/laundry/simple baked cookies/bagels/dog biscuits. My assistant is full time and has been with me a year. Her grandfather from Italy opened the first pizzeria in OH back in 1933 so it is in her blood. I teach the look of the pie with applying cheese. One has to see the sauce through the cheese and it is pretty easy to teach a person to apply the right amount. We go light - 10 oz per 18" pie. I will always be small with only a couple employees so the eye ball method has a much higher success rate and our customers are not about counting pieces of toppings per slice or how equal the slices are. It is an artisan approach and attracts that kind of customer. Walter

Just the cheese. We have a stadium cup in the cheese bin, just scoop and weigh every pizza. I’m sure it might get trickier at the volume some of the folks here do, but it works for us.