Pizza cloud reviews

Looking for input, comments, reviews. Anything would be appreciated.

Love Pizza Cloud. Great technology. Feel free to message me any questions you have


How long have you had Pizza Cloud? Can you give me an indication of how big your installation was? Have you had any service/repair issues yet? What prompted you to change from what you had before?
Thank you for responding.

We’ve had them for about 2 years now. 4 phone lines, backup internet. Took about 3 hours to install via phone with them. Understanding it now like I do, it could’ve been installed in an hour. Pizzacloud let us upsell more, the ability to listen to phone calls, in and out. We lost our phones and internet due to a terrible storm but we had power and could run operations, but couldn’t operate because of no OLO or phones.

At 1 location we had a piece of hardware (pepwave) go bad. We met with John (the owner) at midnight halfway from us and him to get a new one.

Also when we got up and running, we were down completely due to that storm. John drove out and set us up that day (4 hour drive mid afternoon on a weekend). You may have hiccups at first but they get them resolved. I’d say it’s a much more solid system than your standard phone lines from the cable company and much more specific VOIP for pizza

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Thank you for your comments. Most helpful

You are the Steve that uses Speedline right? Does it work OK with the Caller ID and Online ordering?

Yes and yes it does. They fixed something recently so it would handle the caller ID via the server better. Haven’t had any issues since. You can also buy a Whozz Calling Vertex box to not go via the server. Should work pretty flawlessly with that too

Are you still using Brygid for the Online orders? I switched over to SpeedDine last fall. It’s working very well.

Yes still with Brygid. Brygid uses the Google API to find addresses. In our area Bing is terrible. If Bing can’t find the customers physical address, then it tells the customer we don’t deliver to them. There are plenty of addresses that don’t map so going off of that those custumers wouldn’t be able to order online. It’s frustrating because I know Google could be used and it would be free from a customer standpoint. I’d pay double monthly for live maps if it had Google. I get addresses that map on a Friday night 4 hours away. So that kills my entire map

I love Pizzacloud, my favorite feature is the ability to put customers in a queue automatically without having to answer the phone and ask them to hold. Second feature is the call recording. The call clarity is great. I used to have a huge problem with that with my old phone company. Also they answer the phone everytime I call them its amazing.

The few things I dont like, im nitpicking now,
The backend where you can mess with settings etc is a learning curve for sure.
Also if the phone rings for a certain amount of time the call goes blank for 10 seconds then comes back it’s bizarre

Thats a small price to pay for the benefits its one the best descisions ive made. Id never go back