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Well we finally switched to Pizza Cloud. We made the mistake of waiting until we needed to make a switch. There was a freezing rain/snow storm that ravaged the area. Thousands of people without power. We luckily had power at both locations, but internet and phones were down on a Friday, all day, without an ETA. We tried to wait it out, Saturday came, no ETA. We got in touch with John from Pizza Cloud, he made the 3 hour trip to get us up and running again. He had all the equipment and was pretty much in the car headed towards us in no time. We figure we lost out on around 6k this weekend. The only way we got orders was from customers calling our other store and us calling a managers cell (we couldn’t even use call forwarding, that’s how messed up our phone/isp company was/is still). With the internet and phones from the cable company still down to this minute, Pizza cloud saved our Sunday and our weekend. Sure we had a few technical glitches at startup but they were resolved very easily. We wish we would’ve made the switch a year ago when we first saw it.

If you’re thinking of using Pizza cloud, don’t hesitate, just call them. We couldn’t be happier so far. We don’t have all the bells and whistles setup yet, but so far, we are absolutely thrilled!

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If your phone company/isp was unable to forward calls to a different number, how did pizza cloud get calls to your number? They ported your number in hours but call forwarding was not available?

Call forwarding was finally up by the time Pizza cloud was installed (9pm Saturday)

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Do your phone lines go down a lot?

Between phones and internet, something goes down more frequently than it should.

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John from pizzacloud knows what to do to keep you up.

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