Pizza competition ?

I have entered the Pizza Expo competition for the international pizza challenge, first time. What should I know going into this type of competition? How much stuff should I bring? Has anyone here done pizza competition ? and what should I expect? Thanks :?

ps. I just found out my wife is 9 weeks prego :smiley:

Never been in a pizza competition, but I have been prego! CONGRATS!!


never been prego but bring lots of extras that you will need and remember there will be tons of vendors that will have some extras, like making your own sauce may be hard flying with a #10 can LOL
I just got some from the stanaslaus guy…dry ice will be good and i made sure my hotel had a refrigerator.
good luck


I’ve never been in the competition but I’ve seen it first hand this year in Orlando…

Make sure you bring EVERYTHING it takes to make your pizza… 4 times. This includes ingredients, sauce, and dough. Also, don’t forget your utensils. In these competitions there is no “makeline” to store your ingredients in so make sure your storage containers are tupperware and you’ve got plenty of ice in a very large ice chest.

Hope this helps,


P.S. Oh yeah, watch your oven times and temp at the competition. That was one of the biggest factors in last years competition. Apparently, the times were too fast and the temp was too high because we got an awful lot of pizzas with gummy layers. Then again, it might’ve been the sauce being too cold also, now that I think about it. Make sure your stretching technique produces a quality pizza, not only on the exterior, but on the interior as well.

Yeah, always cook a test pizza before your time to get a feel for how the ovens cook. You don’t want the pizza you hand to the judge to be the 1st one out of the oven… it’s never quite right. Same time and temp from one oven to another can produce wildly different results.

Here’s a link to a video from the 07 PMQ Orlando pizza competition… Doesn’t tell you much about what to bring but you can see what was going on… … Pizza.html

hi brad are you one of avers owners?

Man, it would be cool if you could blog somewhere daily so we could see your progress…